Activities > Assistance in Formulating Saudi SME Development Policy

One of the national industry strategies of Saudi Arabia. A policy proposal was submitted by the Japanese side.


  • The “Small and Medium Enterprise Policy” is one of the pillars of “National Industry Strategy” currently being worked out by the Saudi government.
  • Instructed by HRH Prince Faisal bi Turki, H.E. Dr. Sulaiman Vice Minister for Commerce and Industry visited Japan, and agreed to implement Japan-Saudi cooperation in relation to SME policies (May 2008).

Japan-Saudi workshop at Riyadh Camber of Commerce and Industry
(ceremonial photograph)

Key elements of the policy proposal

  1. Promote activities to inspire an entrepreneurial mindset and promote entrepreneurship education.
  2. Human resource development to nurture managers/engineers.
  3. Take advantage of the chamber of commerce, industry groups, etc.
  4. Improve financial services to SMEs.
  5. Promote partnerships between large enterprises and SMEs.
  6. Consider assistance policies based on characteristics of individual industry.
  7. Create a department/agency, inside the government, in charge of promotion of SMEs.

Japan-Saudi workshop at Riyadh Camber of Commerce and Industry
(scene of the meeting)

Submitted the Policy Recommendation for SME Promotion to
H.E. Mr. Alireza, Minister for Commerce and Industry in April 2010.